VSM ILUMERON: Perfect surfaces and highest gloss levels

VSM ILUMERON: Perfect surfaces and highest gloss levels Grinding and polishing in one single step. This makes VSM's latest long-term abrasive so unique! read more

VSM STEARATE Plus: The very best for NF metals and aluminum.

VSM STEARATE Plus: The very best for NF metals and aluminum. Double the amount of stock removal and double the service life thanks to low chip adhesion. read more

Quality abrasives. Made in Germany. For the Asia-Pacific region.

Quality abrasives. Made in Germany. For the Asia-Pacific region. VSM offers the right product for nearly every application. Find out which is yours. See products

Redefining service life with the new VSM COMPACTGRAIN Plus

Redefining service life with the new VSM COMPACTGRAIN Plus Increase your productivity now and benefit from the substantial increase in service life. See all details

Our new VSM CERAMICS Plus product highlight XP780

Our new VSM CERAMICS Plus product highlight XP780 New ceramic grain abrasives on heavy paper backing for 30 % higher stock removal on super-alloyed steel See all details

Perfection to the finest detail

Perfection to the finest detail With VSM abrasives you can achieve perfect grinding results for your high-end turbine blade applications. read more

VSM · We know abrasives
Quality abrasives made in Germany

VSM is one of the world's leading manufacturers and first choice for high quality coated abrasives for industry, trades and specialist dealers and a large array of high-end grinding Solutions "Made in Germany". With more than 150 years of experience we understand abrasives like no one else.

Perfect surface quality, high stock removal rates and a long service life – all this whilst maintaining a consistently high cutting performance. This is what distinguishes VSM abrasives from other abrasive products and what is appreciated by our customers worldwide.

We know abrasives because we understand them

We understand abrasives purely means that we really know what abrasives are all about. Take advantage of the high level of specific expertise VSM holds worldwide and of its experience based on the close cooperation it has with 60 manufacturers of grinding machines. Our expertise encompasses the development of important basic materials such as backing cloths, synthetic resins and abrasive grains in-house for the production of our abrasives. It extends to visiting our customers to analyse existing applications and to ensure the proper interaction between grinding machine and workpiece. That is what VSM stands for – its expertise, perfectly encapsulated in this one word. We benefit from our considerable experience to minimise production times, enhance surface quality and reduce production costs.
Our Technical Center (TC), at the company's headquarters in Hanover, Germany, provides multi-lingual product trainings, seminars on all aspects of grinding technology and comprehensive application testing for end users and dealers. more

In excess of 200 series of abrasives for almost any requirement

Rolls, belts, sheets or discs on paper or cloth backings, fibre discs, non-woven abrasives and semi-finished products for converters, VSM's extensive product portfolio always has the right coated tool for customers in industry and specialist trade as well as specialized dealers. more

The right abrasive for every abrasive cutting process

VSM abrasives are suitable for almost any cutting process. This includes flat surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, off-hand grinding and the use of hand-held machines, to name but a few cutting processes. This involves the processing of different materials, such as metal, steel, wood, glass, granite, synthetic materials and many more. Whether a large stock removal or a perfect scratch pattern is the required outcome, whether wood or metal are to be processed: VSM abrasives always put the finishing touches to your product. more

Working with partners in industry and in the commercial and trade sectors

VSM application engineers analyse our customers' grinding processes in any country and develop tailor-made grinding solutions adapted to their specific needs. VSM's tailored advice extends beyond the mere purchase of a product: Regular visits to our customers' premises is the key to an efficient co-operation based on trust. more

Quality abrasives Made in Germany

Due to its high degree of vertical integration, our manufacturing process provides us with a consistenly high quality of all manufactured abrasives. Quality assurance commences  with the standard of our raw materials. Instead of buying from other manufacturers, VSM develops and produces all important basic materials, such as backing cloths, synthetic resins and abrasive grains in-house, using only high quality preliminary products. VSM is one of a very few manufacturers of abrasives who have their own cloth treatment plant. VSM has been certified to ISO standard 9001 for many years. more

ILUMERON wins innovation award

Perfect surfaces with very high gloss levels

ILUMERON – VSM's latest product highlight – was selected by an expert panel to receive the innovation prize "Award for EuroBLECH" in the Surface Technology category. The new long-term abrasive allows grinding and polishing to be performed in one single step...

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VSM Key Facts

Our abrasives are produced and manufactured at our headquarters in Hanover, Germany.

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