30 % higher stock removal on super alloyed steel

The new CERAMICS Plus abrasive grain represents the latest innovation within the VSM CERAMICS product range. The fast and cool cutting VSM Ceramic Plus XP780 has been designed to perform in the toughest grinding operations. Due to the improved self-sharpening effect and the permanent exposure of fresh and sharp

cutting edges, the enhanced metal removal rate of the XP780 stays at a constant high level. The higher and constant removal rates lead consequently to shorter cycle times and an improved process.

  • 100 % VSM CERAMICS Plus grain
  • Heavy paper backing
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

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  • Constantly exposing sharper grain edges and improved grain life
  • Significant cut rate and life time
  • Aggressive cut from the beginning combined with advantages of paper backing
  • Ideal for grinding Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium and other hard to grind materials
  • Designed for applications in which you can use the advantages of paper backings like floor sanding of hard wood material, as well as laminated steel sheets
  • The new XP780 can be used for grinding machines ranging from heavy stock removal to surface finish
  • Also placed to work in furniture and wood industry
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